Thursday, August 11, 2022
1Troublemakers to get their own classes

Troublemakers to get their own classes

By Michael MacLeod

VIOLENT schoolchildren will be booted out of mainstream classrooms and get their own teachers under radical Scottish Tory plans.

Problem pupils will be taught in “Second Chance Centres” if the Conservatives’ plan gets the green light.
Their education spokeswoman Liz Smith wants to target the growing menace of bad behaviour in schools.

She believes the education of well-behaved pupils is suffering at the hands of their unruly classmates.

The former modern studies teacher said: “It’s time for radical policies. We’ve got to stop deluding ourselves.

“Poor discipline is a growing problem in far too many schools.

“The education of well-behaved children is suffering because of a small, but growing minority.”

Recent government figures showed 40,000 disruptive youngsters were excluded from school in Scotland last year.

But the Tories are worried that 98 per-cent of pupils are removed from lessons and sent home with no work to do.

Smith added: “We need the Salmond Government to take the matter seriously.

“I want well-behaved pupils to be able to get on with learning, and teachers to get on with teaching.

“But I also want persistently unruly pupils to get the chance to realise that they are not helping themselves.

“To be moved to a Second Chance Centre would send a message.”

But a Scottish Government spokesperson responded saying: “Alternatives already exist.”

It is expected the Conservative proposals could be used as bargaining bait as they consider backing the SNP’s next budget.

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