Gerry Boyle blasts reality television

Gerry Boyle on the steps of the Dominion Theatre in Edinburgh
Gerry Boyle on the steps of the Dominion Theatre in Edinburgh


THE BROTHER of Scots singing sensation Susan Boyle today (wed) blasted the type of show that helped make his sister famous – as he held his own talent hunt in Edinburgh.

Gerry Boyle, who was holding auditions for his own music label, said TV talent shows helped artists lose their credibility.

He said: “No disrespect to my sister but when an artist goes to shows like the X Factor, I don’t know if the public wants to buy their album, because they lose their credibility.

“With Instant Music we have identified a gap in the music market and we’re looking for people who fit that.”

£1 million prize

Mr Boyle was at the Dominion Theatre in Edinburgh to see a number of people perform for a chance to be signed to his new label, Instant Music.

The business whizz said he was planning to release a compilation album for the Christmas market including un-named established artists, alongside the new talent he picks up from a series of auditions.

And he revealed a cunning plan to help it succeed – the chance for customers to win £1 million by buying the disc.

He claims the proposed new album – which he hopes will be an annual tradition – will be marketed with the prize offered to customers who pick their favourite track with the winner whoever gives the best reason why via a money-spinning telephone hotline.

Gerry said: “With an incentive like that – we intend to top the album charts this December.”

“Biggest selling album”

He added: “What we are offering people is a guaranteed way to get their music out into the market place without having to impress Simon Cowells of the world.

“We have a whole team in place to write the music, to give the artists an image and record the songs.

“The instant music album will be the biggest selling album this Christmas – that’s what we’re hoping for.”

First up on stage yesterday was 64-year-old Stewart Abercromby, from Edinburgh, who sang Hallelujah.

He said: “I used to be in a band but we broke up 24 years ago and I haven’t sung since. I came along to audition because I like a challenge.

“It was nerve wracking going first and I think I could have done better – but I hope it was good enough.”

“Very interesting”

He was followed by 32-year-old Drew Gardner, who had travelled from Airdrie in Lanarkshire for the chance to try out.

He said: “I came down because I thought what Gerry was doing was very interesting. It’s giving people a chance without being like other talent shows.

“I have written over a hundred of my own songs – but performing is what I really want to do.”

Instant Music is one of a portfolio of products set up by Gerry under the Instant World brand.

He said previously he hoped to emulate the success of music mogul Cowell.

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