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1Scotland’s poshest ever care home set to open

Scotland’s poshest ever care home set to open

The proposed care village development at Musselburgh
The proposed care village development at Musselburgh

By Cara Sulieman

PLANS have been unveiled for what could be Scotland’s poshest ever care home.

The swish new home comes complete with its own bar, restaurant and “therapy” zoo.

The massive project includes two care homes and sheltered housing, including a specific care home for those suffering from dementia.

The developers believe that it will be the first of its kind in Scotland if they get planning permission for the site in Musselburgh, East Lothian.

Therapy zoo

A community area costing £7.5 million is planned to make life easier for the residents including a gym, village shop, creche and hairdresser.

The therapy zoo, complete with goats and ducks, aims to calm the residents and help create a soothing atmosphere in the development.

The homes will be centred around a pavilion which will hold classes for the residents and other locals.

It has been designed by Edinburgh firm Benjamin Tindall Architects, who have put the plans forward to East Lothian Council’s planning department.

“People will want to visit”

Architect Benjamin Tindall, who is working with property developers Aisling Developments Ltd for the project, said: “The idea is it will be the kind of place where people will want to visit their parents or other relatives.

“It can be awful when your mum or dad gets to the stage where they can’t look after themselves.

“It’s going to have a little supermarket, a hairdresser and a pharmacy all on site, so they can just pop along without needing a car.

“There will also be a central pavilion with a complete programme of activities, such as art classes and music. There’s nothing like it in Scotland at the moment.”

A decision on the planning permission is due within the next month, and construction will start early next year if they get the go ahead.


The local community council are backing the plans, saying that it will bring much needed employment to the area.

Chairwoman of Musselburgh Community Council, Irene Tait, said: “The plans will create a lot of jobs, which will be a bonus for Musselburgh.”

But local councillors are worried that the development will put plans for a new council care home on the back burner.

Councillor John McNeil said: “I wish the council would build its own care home on this site. This will be a private nursing home, and I would rather see another council one.”


The proposed development includes a 120-bed care home, a 75-bed care home for dementia sufferers and 180 sheltered housing units.

All residents on the site will be given personal alarms and there will be CCTV covering the area.

East Lothian planning leader, councillor Barry Turner said: “This is an interesting proposal, although it isn’t in accordance with our local development plan.

“It will be up to the committee to decide whether it’s acceptable.”

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