Ice cream launched for Big Yin’s arrival


By Rory Reynoldslickwid1

CHEEKY ice cream makers have made special edition cone to honour comedy legend Billy Connolly – and it’s a big yin.

Perth ice cream makers Lickwid were so excited about the top Scots funnyman’s show tonight (Monday) that they put him on their menu.

They dreamed up a huge multi-coloured ice cream mixture – including blueberry to honour Billy’s “purple beard phase”.

And they’re even planning to sneak into Billy’s dressing room to leave him a sample of the concoction to cool down with after his big show at the Perth Concert Hall.

Richard Gelly from the Lickwid ice cream parlour hopes Connolly will see the funny side of his wacky creation.He said: “We decided to concoct the ice cream purely for a bit of fun and will sell it while he’s here, with any profits going to charity.

“The Billy Connolly ice cream will feature a huge cone, along with a special mixture of flavours.

“We are hoping to be able to leave a tub of ice cream in Billy’s dressing room for him to enjoy after the show – I really hope it goes down well.”

The hairy comedian is currently touring Scottish cities with as part of a brand new tour.

Billy is set to star in Pixar’s new animated fairytale movie set in Scotland called The Bear and The Bow.

He is lined up to voice King Fergus, whose Princess daughter runs away from his castle to become a champion archer.

Tickets for his sold-out Scottish tour are up for grabs for hundreds of pounds on internet auction sites.

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