Golfer sinks two hole-in-ones in two weeks


Jim Tait
Jim Tait

By Cara Sulieman

A GOLFER has followed up his first hole-in-one after 35 years by sinking two in the space of a fortnight to earn his hat trick.

Jim Tait first hit a hole-in-one in 1974, and earlier this month he achieved the seemingly impossible by doing it again – this time on the seventh straight at Murrayfield Golf Course.

The 62-year-old said: “I couldn’t believe it when it sailed in. I was golfing with a friend who said ‘that was a very good shot’ while it was still flying through the air, then he trailed off.

“We were shocked and leapt up to shake hands. I never, ever thought I would get another one.”

“Adrenaline was pumping”

And just 12 days later it was drinks all round again when Jim sunk the ball at the 13th hole on the Royal Burgess Golf Course.

He said: “The adrenaline was pumping and I had to keep rubbing my eyes.

“I was with two of my best friends who had just been talking about when they had witnessed a hole-in-one a couple of days before in North Berwick and we never, ever expected it.

“I found the rest of the game very difficult indeed because it’s hard to concentrate after you let go of your emotions like I did.

“If I get another one, well, I’d say it was impossible but I’d probably better not.”

“Excellent golfer”

The keen golfer from Barnton in Edinburgh started playing when he was just 15 after his father persuaded him to give it a go.

He scored his first hole-in-one in 1974 on the second hole in a championship match at Murrayfield.

He said: “My father was an excellent golfer.

“He was a scratch player, which meant that he had no handicap, but I think he still only managed the single hole-in-one during his lifetime. I am certainly not a better player than he was, though.”


The manager at Murrayfield Golf Course, Marjorie Thomson, said she was thrilled to hear of Jim’s success.

She said: “I golf a little and I’ve had a hole-in-one, but if you’re a good golfer it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll ever hit one.

“I think it’s brilliant news, I’ve never heard of it happening before.”

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