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1Famous UFO story of Edinburgh pair to be made into movie

Famous UFO story of Edinburgh pair to be made into movie

By Oliver Farrimond

THE story about two Scots friends who claimed they were abducted by aliens is finally to be made into a movie.

Garry Wood and Colin Wright, now 46 and 42, claimed to have had a close encounter in 1992 when they were beamed aboard a UFO while driving near a reservoir near Balerno on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The pair have always stuck by their claims and even passed a lie detector test on TV.

Now DBR Entertainment, based in London and Los Angeles, is financing the production of the film which comes after almost two decades of controversy over the X-Files-style encounter.

News of the film comes just as NASA plans to crash a satellite into the surface of the Moon to see if it is capable of sustaining life.

Film producer Dionne Rose, who is financing the film through the company, said: “It’s such a fantastic story and I was attracted to it from the first time I heard it.

“I had seen the film Fire in the Sky which has some similarities, but Colin and Garry’s experience did have unique elements to it.”

In what became famous as the “A70 Abduction Case”, the pair were driving to Tarbrax village near Balerno when a “disc-shaped object” appeared in front of their car.

In fear, driver Garry attempted to flee the object, but as they passed underneath, claim they were enveloped by a shimmering energy beam.

Although initially unable to remember any of the period between these and arriving at Tarbrax some 90 minutes later, hypnotherapy sessions brought back some of the memories.

Memory Loss

Working past symptoms of memory loss and severe headaches, both men eventually remembered being surrounded by small creatures on the road.

Other snippets recalled by the pair include being carried on a floating stretcher, and having alien experiments performed on them by a translucent, skeletal grey alien.

Edinburgh-based car mechanic Garry went on to pass a televised lie-detector test about his claims, and the pair both visited paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson, who is also working on the film.

Mr Robinson, who lives in Hastings, said: “I’m really excited about this project.

“We all know about the American encounters, so for DBR Entertainment to make a movie about Scotland’s biggest incident of this kind is great news.

“I’d like to implore the people of Scotland to have a look at this film.


“Colin and Garry were desperate for anything to explain what happened to them.

“Garry, who’s from quite a tough part of Edinburgh, told me that he was strapped to a table with these things prodding him and he desperately wanted to take a swing at one of them.

“It’s such a great premise for a film and we’re currently going through script negotiations with Colin and Garry to make sure they’re happy with everything.

“I hope they don’t add too much salt and pepper to it and make it another Braveheart, based on fact but 80 per cent inaccurate.

Mr Robinson, who has just published a book chronicling Scotland’s UFO case files, added: “People have asked me who I would like and I usually say Ewan McGregor, although I had a moustache in those days so he’d have to grow one.

“Colin and Garry are such down-to-earth guys it’s hard to imagine any famous actors playing them.”

Colin Wright and Garry Wood were unable to comment on film plans, as the pair have signed confidentiality agreements to remain silent until the release of the film.

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