Police will wait to identify body before carrying out more searches



By Cara Sulieman

THE OFFICER in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of missing Samantha Wright last night revealed police would not be carrying out any further searches at the scene – until they worked out exactly what they had found at Magdalene Drive.

Chief Inspector Paul Bullen said that experts were working on establishing the identity of the human remains and how they died.

“Experts examining remains”

He said: “At this moment we don’t know whether the remains are male or female or what the cause of death might be.

“We cannot say for sure that they belong to one person but at this stage I am working on the premise it is one body.

“We have experts including forensic archaeologists and entomologists examining the remains.

“Until we hear what they have found we will not be carrying out any more searches of the property.

“The experts will tell us how best to carry out further searches in order to preserve the evidence.”

Samantha’s family

He also revealed that the remains were found in a “receptacle” in the back garden – but would not say what.

The chief inspector also would not confirm what charges 57 year-old Robert Chalmers will face when he appears at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today (Wednesday).

But he said that Samantha Wright’s family were being kept up to date with the progress of the investigation.

He said: “Samantha Wright’s family have been told that we have found a body as part of the ongoing investigation into her disappearance.

“They have been kept up to date at every stage of our enquires so far.

“We remain hopeful that Samantha Wright is alive and well but until we receive the results of the tests we will be focussing our efforts on this address.

“Our priority at the moment is identifying the remains and establishing if any criminality was involved.

“We have erected a wood structure over the area where the remains were found in order to preserve any evidence there may be.”

“Increased visibility”

The Chief Inspector reassured residents that police would be in the area in the course of the next few days to answer any concerns.

He said: “Officers will be in the area with increased visibility and will be carrying out door to door enquiries.

“We will also be on hand to give any guidance and support they require.”

Officers from Lothian and Borders Police arrived at the property in the Duddingston area of Edinburgh on Monday morning and searched the ground floor flat before discovering the human remains.

They arrested Robert Chalmers on Monday evening.

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