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1Tragic Carol Jarvis laid to rest

Tragic Carol Jarvis laid to rest




The children of Carol Jarvis outside the funeral parlour
The children of Carol Jarvis outside the funeral parlour



By Cara Sulieman

THE family of tragic Carol Jarvis paid tribute to a “loving mother” and “devoted wife” as they laid her to rest today (Friday).

A floral tribute spelling out ‘MUM’ in white carnations lay on the coffin alongside three pictures of Carol – including one of her in her wedding dress – at the Co-operative Funeral Parlour in Livingston, where the thanks-giving service was held.

Almost 100 people gathered to pay their respects to the mother-of-four who was 47 years old when she was found dead in her home in Bathgate on September 16.

Friends and family wept as the minister spoke about her love of Girls Aloud, Daniel O’Donnell and dancing the ‘Jive’.

“Her only crime was to love”

Her 59-year-old husband Harry, who is currently being held on remand in connection with Carol’s death, was not present at the funeral and not mentioned during the service.

Son Graham Jarvis, 25, fought back the tears as he paid a touching tribute to his mother.

He said: “A lot has been said about mum in the past but never a truer was spoken than by her closest friend only a matter of weeks ago that mum’s only crime was to love.

“My fondest memory of her has got to be when we were young and mum was the primary Guide leader on a day trip.

“Instead of finding someone to look after us, mum took Kevin and I on a bus packed full of Girl Guides without a moment’s thought about how we might feel out of place.

“As it turned out it was a great day out.

“But this was mum – unorthodox.

“She will be missed so much by her family and all of her friends. I will live my life forever to try to be the great, honest and true person that mum was.”

“I love you Mum”

Kevin Jarvis, 23, had also written a tribute to his mum which was read out by his younger sister Kimberley.

He spoke of fond memories of his mother when he was small and how hard her death had hit the family.

He had written: “I remember getting a present every birthday, even if it was not mine because she loved us all equally.

“Now she has gone she has taken a part of me with her. I love you mum, I should have said it more but now I will say it every day in my heart.”

Her other child – Susan, 26 – attended the funeral but did not speak during the service.

“Warm smile”

Reverend Jim Liddle, who conducted the service, said: “It is a very sad and tragic situation we find ourselves in this afternoon and I am sure it is one that must lay heavy on all of her family.

“Carol was someone who set her standard for life and had her own convictions. Carol had a very strong character. Carol was very independent. She had her own way of doing things.

“She had her own sense of humour and a very warm and endearing smile. She put her family first in everything she did and put herself to the last.

“It was such a complete and total sense of shock when family and friends were told that their special mother had died.”

Boghead Cemetery

The mourners sang the hymns ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘Morning has broken’ during the service before the assembled crowd filed out of the parlour to ‘Whatever happened to old fashioned love’ by Carol’s favourite singer, Daniel O’Donnell.

After the thanks-giving service the funeral cortege moved to Boghead Cemetery in Bathgate, where Carol was laid to rest.

Rita Heyster, 55, is also being held on remand in connection with Carol’s death.

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