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1Former games champ Alan Ogilvie had cyber sex with boys

Former games champ Alan Ogilvie had cyber sex with boys

by Michael MacLeod

A FORMER Commonwealth Games weightlifting champion lured young boys into having “cyber sex” over the internet.

Eight-time European weight lifting champion and four-time Commonwealth Games medallist Alan Ogilvie was a Scottish sporting hero in the late 1980s.

But  in court today the 41 year-old admitted a sordid fascination for young boys.

He scoured gay chat rooms and set up a webcam arrangement whereby young boys thought they were interacting with teenage girls.

In fact, Ogilvie was recording the boys as they masturbated and saved the disgusting clips on his computer.

He let slip his interest in young boys to a community nurse when she visited his flat in June.

Police later raided his home and found 10 webcam recordings on his computer.

Ogilvie was previously banned from communicating with boys Under-16 as part of a five-year sexual offences prevention order.


Today he admitted his virtual sex session had breached that order at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

The Edinburgh man won a bronze medal aged 18 when his home city hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1986 and four years later he brought home three medals from the Auckland Games.

He has also represented Great Britain twice at the Olympics.

But police attended showed up at his home in June to examine his personal computer.

Fiscal Depute Melanie Ward said: “His community nurse had told police she was beginning to feel uneasy about his conversations with her.

“Police attended unannounced at his address and the accused allowed them in.

“In his bedroom police found his computer and there was a messenger site or chat room open.

“They went into the internet history and this confirmed he had recently visited a site which showed a face of a man who appeared to be under 16.”


When police took the computer away for forensic examination, they found 10 video clips of young boys aged between 13 and 15, categorised by name and age.

They also discovered webcam software called “Auto Screen Record”.

Miss Ward added: “This appears to be a virtual webcam in the form of a simulator.

“Females masturbating have been projected by the webcam simulator and that is what the boys saw.

“They were engaging in what they thought was mutual masturbation with females and the accused has recorded the males engaging in this and then stored those images on his computer.

“The assumption is this is what has been used to effectively entice the males.

“It is not clear that the males were aware that he is actually a man.”

Miss Ward also told court that Ogilvie told his nurse: “He had “engaged in cyber sex, as he put it.


“He said he went into gay chat rooms and stated he liked boys around the age of 14 because he can relate to that age.”

Defence agent Ray Megson said: “There are other avenues open to the court other than the obvious one.

“I think we need to know what help is there for him and whether he is suitable for that help.”

Sheriff William Holligan called for a psychiatric report and will sentence Ogilvie next month.

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