Chip shop fined after dead mouse found


By Andrea McCallum

CLIFTON_TAKEAWAY_MOUSE_DPPAA CHIP shop owner fined £1,200 after health inspectors found a dead mouse in his takeaway last night blamed Edinburgh’s hated tram works.

Furious Carlo Corolla, 41, claims the digs have disturbed so many colonies of vermin across the city – that his Clifton Fish and Chicken Bar is among scores of businesses hit by the unwelcome visitors.

He said: “It’s the tram works, it forces all the rodents up to the shops here.”

Health inspectors who carried out a spot check on his premises on Clifton Terrace said they found  not just dead vermin, but droppings and contaminated food.

Edinburgh Sheriff CourtCLIFTON_TAKEAWAY_MOUSE_DPPA was told yesterday than during the February 3 inspection, they also ventured into the basement where they found a major mouse infestation.

A large dead mouse was found, bags that stored food contained mouse droppings and wafer cones were found covered in urine.

Owner Corolla rushed to the shop after hearing about the inspection,

The fryer was immediately closed by inspectors due to the risk of health. It was shut down for five-and-a-half hours during the blitz.

Corolla, of Main Street, West Calder, had previously pleaded guilty to failing to ensure he kept his premises clean, and failing to ensure materials used for wrapping food were not contaminated and that wafer cones were contaminated with mice droppings and urine.

According to the inspecting officers, a grill in a boarded up window has allowed mice into the premises.

James Grant, Corolla’s solicitor, said the incident was a “one off” and said his client believed the cause of the infestation was due to the ongoing tram works.

He said his client had no idea about the problem and if he had, would have acted swiftly to take action.

Last night Crolla said: “The work have disturbed their nests and everything. All of the shop owners here complain about the tram works.

“I have not noticed any loss of business yet, hopefully it will stay that way. Everything has cleared now, there is now trace of that.”

He added: “I can get you a portion of chips if you want, otherwise you can just get out.”