AC/DC singer likes to hit the open road in Scotland


By Rory Reynolds

AC/DC front man Brian Johnson has revealed that when he’s not screaming out the band’s hits about women and whisky on tour, he enjoys a sedate drive along the A68 to Melrose.

The rock legend says he likes nothing more than to pull down his famous flat cap and hit the open road in Scotland.

The 62-year-old singer – whose band has sold 200 million albums – said that he comes to Scotland whenever he can to visit friends and unwind from their globe-spanning tours.

He said: “I love driving about up there, I used to go up a lot to Loch Lomond and Loch Ness, but you know my favourite place now? Melrose in the Borders.

“Driving around there is fabulous, it’s beautiful.”

And for the first time Brian revealed that he nearly passed up the chance to be in one of the biggest bands of the century.

He said: “I only went because I had other work lined up in London – a Hoover jingle advert.

Breaking into song, he added: “It’s the new Hoover, ooh. She such-a-sweet little movurgh – ooh yeargh.

“That ad got me £350, which is the most money I’d had in one go in my life.”

Brian also said that he will never forget the band’s gig in Glasgow during the summer, saying that the Hampden Roar is “no myth”.

He joked: “I swear to God the hairs on the back of my arms stood up and my old ticker was twitching like a rabbit’s nose.”


AC/DC’s original line-up were Scots dominated, with Angus Young, his brother Malcolm and Bon Scott making up most of the band’s members.

Next year the band will celebrate the 30 years since Johnson took over the helm following the death of Bon Scott.

Brian added: “It’s brilliant that people remember Bon 30 years on.

“I met him once and he was one of those cool souls.”

The singer has just released his autobiography Rockers and Rollers, charting his career and his obsession with driving.

The band has made £58million in the past 12 months alone, with their latest LP getting to No1 in the charts in 29 countries.

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