Anti-extremists vow to march on Edinburgh


MEMBERS of the anti-Islam Scottish Defence League are planning a second protest in Scotland after claiming their Glasgow march was a “success”.

And they are targeting Edinburgh for their next outing, saying they plan to march on the capital in the new year.

Just around 50 members of the controversial group made it to Glasgow last Saturday, with many claiming they had been warned off by Strathclyde police.

But despite being outnumbered by a counter-march celebrating the diversity of Scotland, the group have declared the outing a victory.

A report on the protest, on the Casuals United website, said: “Glasgow demo a big success – over 120 lads from various Scottish clubs who were previously enemies came together for a demo.”

Casuals United is the website used by the original English Defence League which was started among the football casual community in Luton.

They have since spawned groups in Wales and, more recently Scotland.

YouTube video

And despite being penned in to a city centre bar before being bussed out to suburbs of the city to prevent violence, the organisation is determined to bring its views to Edinburgh.

The group uses social networking sites to organise the meetings and recruit members.

A message sent round the members of British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists – one of the Facebook groups supporting the Scottish Defence League (SDL)  – confirmed plans for a second Scottish march.

It included a link to a video posted on YouTube entitled ‘Victory in Glasgow – SDL See You in Edinburgh’.

Featuring the Beatles song ‘Revolution’ and pictures from the Glasgow protest last weekend, it acts as a rallying cry to SDL members across the country.

Text rolls across the screen, interspersed with the Saltire.

It reads: “Over 200 supporters met up, most of whom were Scottish. The police employed the now familiar tactic of splitting our supporters into smaller groups and even preventing people going to the demo spot.

“It doesn’t matter to us, it is STILL a massive victory. Every time we demonstrate our numbers grow.

“Next stop Edinburgh. See you in Edinburgh.”

The date of the next march has yet to be confirmed by the group, who have only hinted that it will be next year.


But despite the calls of victory, the Glasgow outing didn’t impress every supporter of the left-wing group, with many of them calling the static protest “pathetic”.

One member wrote on a forum for the group that “people were literally laughing at us like we were clowns”.

They have also received strong criticism from Scottish politicians who were part of the thousand-strong counter-protest that gathered on Glasgow Green on Saturday.

Bill Aitken, Conservative MSP for Glasgow, said: “I think that this is a demonstration that we could well do without. The vast majority of people condemn Muslim extremism, including the Muslim community themselves.

“I really do not see any need for this type of demonstration which is divisive and can in itself stir up trouble.”

The SDL’s video can be viewed at

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