Monday, August 15, 2022
1Thieves on the run with 10mph industrial steam roller

Thieves on the run with 10mph industrial steam roller

by Rory Reynolds

POLICE are hunting thieves after a STEAM ROLLER was stolen from a work site.

Officers believe that the vehicle which can only travel at 10mph may have been loaded onto the back of a truck on Monday night.

The incident occurred at a work site in Blackridge, near Bathgate, West Lothian.

The vehicle which is worth £10,500 – is believed to have been stolen under the cover of darkness.

Inspector David Wilson from Lothian and Borders Road Policing department said that the theft ties in with a number of incidents currently being investigated.


He said: “The vehicle is roughly the same dimensions as a regular car but much heavier, and it’s possible that it had to be taken away on a road truck.

“We did have a truck stolen recently that would be of similar capabilities.

“We are currently engaged in Operation Crassus, which is focused on tracking the movement of stolen plant equipment.”

He added: “The public are encouraged to report any sightings of plant vehicles moving after daylight hours or any suspicious activity to police.”

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