Sunday, August 14, 2022
1Cutting edge technology puts ERI theatre on the map

Cutting edge technology puts ERI theatre on the map

By Rory Reynolds

COOL blue lighting, HD flatscreen TVs, and a brand new iPod dock.

NO, not a footballer’s penthouse apartment – but one of Europe’s most advanced operating theatres.

The state-of-the-art Endoalpha integrated operating room was opened at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary yesterday, putting Scotland in the map for pioneering keyhole surgery.

The theatre will cater for some of the most complex medical operations, and is expected to cut down on the time that operations take.

The facility will also allow video-conferences of operations to be screened offsite to train surgeons in new techniques.NHS Lothian’s top surgeon Simon Paterson-Brown, who was involved in the design of the theatre, said that the facility would transform healthcare in Scotland


He added: “This is really exciting for NHS Lothian, our patients and the industry as a whole.

“The new theatre will revolutionise patient care, operating procedures and training, not just in Lothian and Scotland, but across the UK.”

The consultant said that the hi-tech equipment at the theatre will play a key role in operations, adding that the length of operations would be cut down.

He said: “The view for surgeons is so much better so it will help us work better and perform more advanced surgery.

“The ergonomics for the surgeon are perfect. Each piece of equipment can be adjusted to suit different needs and cables and leads are installed in overhead consoles.

“The high definition screens are so much better and mean that the images see within the theatre and in the lecture room are so much clearer.


“The equipment will mean that we will be able to work faster and ultimately perform more advanced operations.”

The hospital have worked with Olympus KeyMed, who supplied the hi-tech cameras and screens, to put the facility on the map.

Gareth Walsh, director of medical business at Olympus KeyMed, said: “All the energy that has been invested in this project is obviously worth it. It started a few years ago and has now resulted in the installation of a state-of-the-art integrated operating theatre.

“This new facility will showcase the most modern, endoscopic imaging technology which is leading edge anywhere in the world.

“In our Medical Business we have tens of thousands of customers – and in our Consumer Camera business literally millions and while it’s a cliché – that all of these customers are important occasionally you meet customers who make an extraordinary impact on all who come into contact with them.

“The team at Edinburgh are in that category and what is obvious to anyone who visits this hospital is the work ethic and a genuine passion for the patient care and education.”

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