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1SuBo jumps on the bus to go shopping

SuBo jumps on the bus to go shopping


By Andrea McCallum

SINGING sensation Susan Boyle today (fri) prepared for the launch of what is expected to be her multi-million selling debut album launch on Monday – by going shopping in Bathgate.

And showing the celebrity status hasn’t gone to her head she even travelled the short distance from Blackburn by bus, stopping off at her favourite store to buy a new outfit before her appearance on this weekend’s X-Factor.

Casually dressed in a rain coat and black trousers, and sporting her signature Burberry scarf and a splash of red lipstick, SuBo showed no sign of nerves as she wandered along the West Lothian town.

The star walked confidently from her house past the local primary school before being called over by a friend outside the newsagents.

The blonde bespeckled woman, in her 50s, shouted across the street to SuBo before walking over to have a chat.

Laughing and smiling, the pair talked for a couple of minutes before Susan said goodbye and continued on her way to the village’s Mill Centre.

Walking confidently, she said she was “busy” and couldn’t stop for a chat.

But she had time to mention her upcoming trip to London and the States, suggesting that as famous as she is, she still gets excited about her new lifestyle.

Moving on to Blackburn’s main strip, the singer popped into the Mill Centre.

Home to just a few small shops and the local library, Susan found a way to pass the time as she wiled away an hour inside.

On her way out, she was approached by an elderly woman who gave her a big hug.

Ruffling the star’s hair, the OAP looked as though she was teasing the singer before she rushed across the road to catch the bus.

She flagged down the 11.49am number 557 bus to Bathgate outside the Mill Centre.


Squeezing into the busy small single decker vehicle run by local company E&M Horsburgh, she made her way into town for her shopping spree.

Alighting in the town centre, the international celebrity sauntered around the streets, stopping at the bank on her way to her favourite shop.

Those stopping her in Bathgate were more fans than friends, and she graciously smiled and said hello.

During the hour she spent in local department store M&Co, more fans gathered outside, taking snaps of the singer on their mobiles as they waited for her to come out.

Eventually, the star emerged from the shop clutching a bulging bag of purchases.

According to staff, she had bought a longline cardigan and a couple of pairs of trousers.

The bus Susan jumped on

Janice Hendry, the shop manager, said: “She’s been a customer with us for years so it was no surprise to see her coming in. She was quite funny when she was in, laughing and joking with the staff.

“A few people were asking her for autographs and she was great with them, posing for photos and everything.

“Other than that she is treated as a normal customer.

“I said to her today ‘why are you still shopping in M&Co now you’re famous?’ and she said to me ‘nothing wrong with that’.

“We wish her well with everything in the future; her album is already a hit. It’s quite phenomenal.”

Smiling to those waiting, she started to walk down the street when the two most determined admirers called out to her.

Susan ambled back to the builders in fluorescent vests and posed with them as they took photos on their mobiles.

After a five minute chat, she wandered off smiling at passers by.

I Dreamed a Dream

She had been splashing the cash ahead of her album’s debut on Monday, but with sales from the expected sales of the CD, she will soon be able to visit any designer emporium she wants.

Amazon reported earlier this week that the album had already sold more copies than any other pre-order.

And bookies and so certain that she will top the album chart next week that they are refusing to take bets.

With an appearance on the X Factor on Sunday and a raft of publicity events lined up in the States next week, todays (Fri) shopping trip was a relaxing break for the singer.

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