Charity appeal for missing greyhound


Poppy, who went missing outside the Dogs Trust in West Calder


By Cara Sulieman

A GREYHOUND has made a mad dash for freedom as she was being moved to a re-homing centre.

Poppy had been looked after by a local charity for the last three months and was on her way to the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in West Calder when she slipped out of her harness and ran away.

And now Lois Sinclair – who rescued the two-year-old pooch – is desperate to find her and help her get the happy home she deserves.

As the black greyhound is frightened of people, the charities are asking for people to call in any sightings of the pup rather than try and catch her themselves.

“Sweet but nervous”

Lois is so determined to find the ex-racing dog that she said she will go out any time of day or night to track her down.

She said: “Poppy is a very sweet little dog but nervous, especially with men.

“Although she’s nervous she trusts me and I think I am the only person she will answer to, which is why I will go out any time of day or night and try to find her if we get a sighting.”

The pooch escaped as she was being taken towards the reception of the Dogs Trust building in West Calder last Monday, and has been out in the howling winds and lashing rain ever since.


Despite two sightings near Livingston and search parties going out every day, there is still no sign of the canine.

The pooch was brought to Lois after being a racing greyhound, but she doesn’t know what has caused the dog to be so nervous.

Lois said: “Poppy had been a racing greyhound she wasn’t racing anymore so she was brought to me three months ago.

“She is terrified of men so people shouldn’t approach her.

“You just don’t know what has happened to them before they come here. I don’t go choosing the dogs – I will take any dog and deal with any problems they have.

“Moving Poppy to the Dogs Trust was a chance to get some help with her behaviour to try and make her less nervous.”

“Keep eyes peeled”

Staff from the Dogs Trust have also been out searching for the dog, and are keen to find her so they can start helping Poppy with her behavioural problems.

Susan Tonner, manager at the West Calder re-homing centre, said: “Poppy is terrified of strangers, particularly men, so is likely to be hiding in a secluded spot without access to water or food.

“As she’s so scared of people we think she will stay away from built up areas, but we’re asking the public to keep their eyes peeled and check their outhouses and sheds for her.

“She is black but has white paws and a white ‘bib’ on her chest.”

Any sightings of Poppy should be reported to Dogs Trust on 01506 873459 or Lois Sinclair at Gracehounds on 07989 963556.

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