Thomas Main jailed for life over Michael Wood murder



A TEEN who murdered a dad-of-two in an unprovoked attack has been jailed for life.

Thomas Main, 18, kicked and stamped Michael Wood to death in Aberdeen in June this year.

Mr Wood’s face was “smashed” during the attack and he died from his injuries.

Today (Monday) at the High Court in Livingston, thug Main was jailed for life after he previously admitted killing him.

Judge Lord Bracadale said the murder was “unprovoked” and ruled that Main must serve a minimum of 13 years before he can be considered for parole.

Defending, Mark Stewart QC, said Main had left school at an early age and had “drifted” into a life of drink and drugs.

He said: “It was the combination of his taking drink and drugs on the date in question which led to the incident which resulted in the attack and death of Mr Wood.

“There’s nothing which I can say which in any way explains or justifies the assault on Mr Wood – the apology I’m instructed to make will mean little to those affected by Mr Wood’s death.

“There is some understanding of the extremely serious nature of what occurred that day.

“There is some insight reported in the report in to the full extent of what he was responsible for and there is some indication that he understands the consequences of his actions.”

Lord Bracadale said to that the unprovoked attacked on Mr Wood involved Main “forcing” his victim down a flight of stairs and stamping on his head whilst he was unconscious, resulting in his whole face being “smashed in”.

He added: “This was a very serious assault which went on for some time.

“You have previous convictions of assault – one of which involved a weapon – and you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“These are incriminating facts which will increase the length of imprisonment.

“I do take into account you age, that there was no weapon used and it was not pre-meditated.”

Relatives of Mr Wood present in the court room were elated and whispered shouts of joy when Main was handed down his sentence.

Main, was aged just 17 when he kicked 43-year-old Michael Wood “like a ball” so hard it left the distinctive pattern of his shoes imprinted on him during the attack in Balnagask Terrace late on Tuesday 9 June.


The court heard previously that dad of two Mr Wood had split from his wife, suffered from an alcohol problem and had been on a binge with friends.

Main, who had five previous convictions for serious violence, had in turn been drinking vodka and Jack Daniels and was described as being “hyper” before he began punching Mr Wood in the face.

In evidence, the court heard previously how Main grabbed the older man in a headlock and during the struggle they both fell down stairs.

Main fell on top of the unconscious Mr Wood, breaking his fall.

But almost as soon as the teenage thug got to his feet again,he started kicking and stamping on Mr Wood’s head.

As he stamped on Mr Wood’s head one witness heard what he described as a ‘big snap’ – but still the attack continued.

Mr Wood was rushed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary after but he died from his injuries.

A Post Mortem examination later revealed his entire face had been “fragmented” with only his jaw bone still intact.

Main initially denied any involvement.

However he later admitted punching Mr Wood and kicking him “like kicking a ball” although claimed he had not meant to kill him.

Police earlier described the assault as a “cowardly and brutal attack on a vulnerable and defenceless man”

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