Shop front given X Factor fame


By Andrea McCallum

AN X FACTOR fan has made a local business famous after vandalising the shop’s sign.

Kirkcaldy vintage clothing shop Edward was the target for the prankster who drew a giant ‘J’ at the front of the shop’s sign.

And only days after staff removed the scribbled letter, shoppers were amazed to see the site had been rebranded ‘Jedward’ – a tribute to the Irish twin duo – for the second time.

Lauren Baillie, one of the owners of the shop, said the police had not been contacted, yet.

She said: “We’ve been laughing it off but I know that if we weren’t able to get it off then we would have to seriously consider it.

“People have actually responded in a very positive way.

“Everyone seems to be noticing the sign on their way past and that means they are noticing us, which is great because we’re a new business and we need to stand out.

“We’ve had people coming along the High Street specifically to see the sign.

“They’ll come along, look at the sign, turn around and walk back towards the centre. We’ve also had people taking photographs on their phones and people shouting ‘There’s the Jedward shop’.”

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