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1Blood on the dancefloor as court worker is attacked

Blood on the dancefloor as court worker is attacked

By Michael MacLeod

A SHERIFF Court staff night out turned sour when a jealous clubber smashed a glass over a woman’s head for kissing her boyfriend on the dancefloor.

Window-dresser Emma McCulloch, 20, saw red when her boyfriend kissed a woman twice her age.

She stormed across the dancefloor in Edinburgh’s trendy Shanghai nightclub and poured her drink over Lorraine Cairns’ head.

Before Miss Cairns had a chance to explain that she had only got a peck on the cheek, McCulloch walked away and threw the empty glass over her shoulder, shattering on the Sheriff Clerk office worker’s head.

Victim Miss Cairns, 40, was today (Friday) paid £100 compensation as part of McCulloch’s £300 fine.

A non-resident sheriff had to be drafted into Edinburgh Sheriff Court to hear the case from an impartial viewpoint.

“She threw a glass over her shoulder”

The attack happened just 20 minutes before the George Street nightclub was due to close for the night on January 18, according to fiscal depute Trevor Smith.

He said: “Miss Cairns was dancing with her friends and colleagues when a male friend approached her and kissed her on the cheek.

“On being kissed, she was aware of being approached by McCulloch who pushed the male.

“On walking away she threw a glass over her shoulder which hit Miss Cairns on the head, causing a cut.

“When spoken to by police she said she had no intention of hitting her on the head with the glass.”

Miss Cairns, of Bilston in Midlothian, was treated by first aid staff at the night club and did not need to go to hospital.

“very serious indeed”

Defence agent Andrew Gilbertson said McCulloch, of Polton Street in Bonnyrigg, “deeply regrets” injuring Miss Cairns.

He said: “The male concerned was Emma McCulloch’s boyfriend and she spotted him in the arms of this older woman.

“She threw her drink over the complainer then turned on her heels and threw the glass.

“She deeply regrets doing this.

“She is still in a relationship with the male.”

Fining her £300, Sheriff Raymond McMenamin told her: “This was, no matter your reason, an act which could have been very serious indeed.

“There is no excuse for your behaviour.

“However, taking into account your circumstances and early plea, I can deal with the matter by way of imposing a monetary penalty and compensation order for the victim.”

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