Elderly dog found dumped in freezing temperatures


The German Shepherd that was abandoned

By Cara Sulieman

AN elderly dog has cheated death after being abandoned on the first day of freezing temperatures across the country.

The German Shepherd was found wandering around Bo’ness by a kind-hearted passer-by who called the local dog warden, who in turn called the Scottish SPCA.

At 10 years old, the pooch was extremely thin and had a growth on her underside.

The charity thinks the canine was dumped because of its advanced years and ill health – left to forage for itself in the deep snow before being found on Thursday night.

As well as the growth – thought to be a mammary tumour – the dog had rubbing around her neck, suggesting she had been tied up or was wearing a tight collar.

“Terrible state”

The sweet-natured animal is now being looked after at local council-run kennels so she can receive the vet treatment she should have had long ago.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Leanne McPake said: “This poor old girl was found in a terrible state. Not only is she very underweight for her size, she also has a considerable growth on her belly which appears to be a mammary tumour.

“Her tail has been docked, which is unusual for this breed, and all the hair around her neck has been rubbed away, indicating that she has either been tethered or wearing a close-fitting collar.

“With all these distinguishing marks we are hoping that someone will recognise her and tell us who owns her.

“Despite her condition she is a very sweet natured and gentle dog, which makes it even harder to understand why anyone would allow her to get into this state.

“She should have had vet treatment long before now. Whoever owns her has ignored her condition, which has resulted in her suffering unnecessarily.

“She is now being made comfortable at council-operated kennels and will receive the necessary vet attention she requires.”


And the Scottish SPCA are bracing themselves for yet more heartbreaking finds in the last few days before Christmas as people make way for new younger puppies.

Inspector McPake said: “Christmas is one of our busiest times of year when many old and unwanted pets are dumped on the streets like rubbish.

“It’s heartbreaking, particularly when we find out people are making way for the new Christmas puppy or a new sofa or carpets. The excuses are pathetic.”

Earlier this month Doris, a 10-year-old crossbreed was dumped by the side of the road in the Borders in a similar incident.

The animal charity is warning that causing unnecessary suffering and abandoning an animal are both criminal offences and the punishment can be severe.

They are also appealing for anyone with any information about the German Shepherd’s owner to come forward.

She was found on Gilburn Place, Bo’ness on Thursday December 17.

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