Lawyers set up “divorce hotline”


Fiona Rasmusen

By Cara Sulieman

CHRISTMAS is traditionally a time of goodwill and cheer – but for some couples it will end in tears and divorce.

And to help waring spouses get the ball rolling on the proceeding, an legal firm has set up a divorce hotline.

Gibson Kerr in Edinburgh plan to respond quickly to calls over the holiday period from husbands or wives wanting to get out of their failed relationship.

Recent numbers show that 1.8 million people across the UK consider splitting up over Christmas – and counselling service Relate say they receive 50 per cent more calls from married couple at this time of the year.

“Marital disputes”

The firm hope that they can make the process easier for disgruntled couples – and even said that the service may persuade the pair to stay together.

Partner Fiona Rasmusen said: “People think it’s a myth that more divorces are triggered over the festive period than at any other time of the year.

“But the unfortunate reality for many families is that the aftermath of the festive season is probably the busiest time of the year for solicitors when it comes to marital disputes.

“Many couples find themselves under immense pressure over Christmas and New Year over issues like money or family conflicts and emotions can run high. For some individuals this can be the final straw and they decide they need to take action and seek professional legal guidance.

“Diffuse the situation”

“But that inevitably means having to wait until a law firm returns to work after the festive break. That can be extremely painful and distressing.

“Not being able to speak to a lawyer for several days can be very difficult for all parties concerned so we decided to set up a hotline that allows people to make contact with us – even if this is Christmas Day.

“We will look to respond to calls immediately and provide appropriate legal advice and support.

“In fact, it maybe that by being able to speak with a solicitor without delay, we could offer the kind of constructive help that can perhaps diffuse a difficult situation.”

Potential divorcees are to call 0131 225 7558 and leave a message and they will receive a call back on the same day.

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