Monday, July 4, 2022
1Police use YouTube to target youth community

Police use YouTube to target youth community

By Cara Sulieman

A SCOTTISH Police force is turning to the internet to help tackle crime by posting informative videos on YouTube.

Fife Constabulary started the scheme at the beginning of the month and have so far uploaded two videos.

Police forces usually encounter the site when investigating crimes that have been filmed on mobile phones – but Fife are determined to put it to better use.

They hope that it will allow them to “communicate” with the youngsters in the community in a “manner and form that they recognise”.

“Relate to their life styles”

Of the two videos posted, one is about their drink drive campaign, and the other demonstrates the fitness test a new recruit has to pass.

Superintendent Andy Morris, Head of the Forces Strategic Development Department said: “As a progressive organisation it is important that we communicate with people in a manner and form that they recognise and relates to them and their life styles.

“With work already well under way we have posted a video on the site in relation to the Forces festive drink driving campaign and a further video clip of our Forces fitness test in relation to the recruitment process.

“As we develop in this area we will be posting further video clips that people will find informative and of value to them and I welcome any suggestions from the public on suitable topics.

“I see this development as a commitment to getting important messages to as wide an audience as possible in our communities.”

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