Sir Anthony’s Artwork in Scotland


By Andrea McCallum

A NEW collection of artwork by Oscar-winning star Sir Anthony Hopkins will go on show in Scotland later this year.

The 50-piece set of paintings will be exhibited at The Dome bar in Edinburgh for five days in March.

And art-lovers can even buy the 72-year-old actor’s handiwork which will be mainly landscapes and portraits.

Sir Anthony – best known for his serial killer role as Hannibal Lecter – shows another talented side to himself in his artwork.

He said: “When I paint, I just paint freely without anxiety regarding outside opinions as criticisms. I do it for sheer pleasure.

“It’s done wonders for my for my subconscious. I dream now in colours”.

After officially opening in London on February 16, the collection will move to Edinburgh on March 2.

Jonathan Poole, exhibition organiser, said: “It is very exciting to have Sir Anthony Hopkins work.

“This exhibition gives people the chance to see a different side of Sir Anthony in terms of his artistry and also his unique personality.”

In 2006, Sir Anthony’s paintings shown at a California gallery sold for over $6,000.