Schoolboy left “hobbling” after janitor’s crash


By Michael MacLeod

A JANITOR who drove over a schoolboy’s toes has been fined for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Ronald Greig, 51, left the nine year-old primary school pupil “hobbling” with cuts and bruises on his feet.

The janitor claimed he didn’t see the youngster, but got a £400 fine and five penalty points after pleading guilty yesterday (Wed) to failing to report an accident.

The boy was returning to school to find a phone after being locked out his house, Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard.

Greig’s wheels bumped over his feet as he waited to cross a road to the city centre school, which was not named in court.

Fiscal depute Neil Allan said: “This happened at a point where the road narrows as a speed reducing measure close to the entrance of the school.

“His nanny was due to pick the boy up from school, but arranged with him to go back to the house if she wasn’t there in time.

“He got home, she wasn’t there and he realised he had left his mobile phone at school.

“As he left to cross towards the school the car ran over his feet.

“It certainly did run over both of his feet. The child was left in pain and was crying.

“The accused got out to speak to him then got back in and drove off, leaving the child to hobble to school to track down his nanny.”


When police spoke to Greig about the September 18 incident, he said he didn’t know he had to report an accident.

Mr Allan added: “It is rather worrying he didn’t think to report an accident involving a child as he is employed as a janitor.

Defence agent Jennifer McColl said Greig worked at a number of schools throughout the Lothian region and needed his car for work.

She said: “He accepts the little boy’s feet were injured by his vehicle.

“He says he didn’t notice him until it was too late.

“But he says the boy got up and began to walk away.

“He is a mobile janitor and works all over the Lothians so requires his car.

“He has held his driving licence for over 30 years without ever coming to the attention of the courts.”

Fining him, Sheriff James Scott said: “I take account of your plea of guilty at the earliest opportunity.”