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1Haggis producers struggling to keep up with demand

Haggis producers struggling to keep up with demand

Haggis, neeps and tatties

By Cara Sulieman

HAGGIS producers are working round the clock to meet demand for this Burns Night on Monday.

World famous Edinburgh firm Macsween say they have seen a sharp rise in sales of the traditional dish, claiming it has been a record year for both the meat and vegetarian varieties.

Sales have risen 25 per cent, with the most noticeable rise in England.

Meat producers Malcolm Allan have seen a staggering 2000 per cent rise in the sale of the delicacy this year.

They have also secured a contract with Tesco to supply 25,000 haggis to their English stores as more and more people embrace the dish made from meat off-cuts and traditionally wrapped in sheep’s stomach.


Gordon Allan, a director of Malcolm Allan, said: “It’s been hectic but we got there in the end.

“We’ve done a lot of business with Tesco in Scotland over the years but this is the first time we’re sending haggis to their stores all over Britain.

“Over a five-day period, our 120 staff worked nightshifts to fill the order.”

Jo Macsween thinks the sharp rise in popularity is because people are starting to realise the delicacy is a year-round dish and not just a once a year treat.

She said: “Not only are pre-Burns orders up, but we have continued to grow our sales throughout the year, as UK consumers recognise that haggis is a tasty, cost-effective ingredient.

“January 25th remains a landmark of course, and our family of products will cater for all shapes and sizes of Burns Night celebration from highly traditional to a relaxed supper with friends.”

It comes just days after Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead visited the new offices for Malcolm Allan in Falkirk.


The company received funding from the Scottish Government to help them grow and expand their work force.

Speaking at the opening Mr Lochhead said: “After such a phenomenal rise in sales the haggis has certainly confirmed its chieftain status.

“This truly demonstrates that there is strong consumer demand for our national dish. It is great news that Malcolm Allan’s award-winning product is now available for lads and lassies throughout England, so they too can raise a glass a toast the haggis.”

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