Sunday, July 3, 2022
1Susan urged to move out of home

Susan urged to move out of home

Susan returns to her home on Wednesday morning after the scare

By Cara Sulieman

DESPITE vowing never to move from her humble home, Susan Boyle is being pressured by family and friends to quit her council house in favour for somewhere with more security.

Simon Cowell has joined her brothers, Gerry and John, in voicing his concerns over the Britain’s Got Talent star’s safety.

They are worried about the star after an intruder broke into her home on Tuesday night where she confronted them after returning from London.

The youth fled, and police are still trying to find out who was responsible for the attack.

But the star vowed she wouldn’t move from the house she grew up in, even though this wasn’t the first safety scare she’s had.

“Needs protection”

Speaking to reporters outside her home on Wednesday morning, Susan said: ““I’m not going anywhere. Nobody’s pushing me out of my house.”

But her family are worried about the star – and blaming her management company for not providing enough security.

Brother Gerry Boyle said: “Susan wants to stay in her house. We all grew up there but she has to know she can’t now.

“She’s telling everyone she will stay but she has to be made to move. She needs protection.

“She has to realise she is in the worlds of celebrity and she is too exposed in that house. It’s going to be a wrench but she has to move of who knows what will happen.

“She needs some protection and we are very angry that this has been allowed to happen to her.”

“Very caring”

And Simon Cowell – who signed SuBo to his Syco label after she came second on TV show Britain’s Got Talent – is said to have offered security for the four-bed council house.

A friend of Susan said: “Simon’s always offered her 24/7 security but her management haven’t taken up the offer.

“Normally it’s not the label’s responsibility but because of how famous she got so quickly Simon is very caring about Susan.”

A spokesman for Syco said: “Susan’s safety and welfare is of paramount importance to all of us.”

But her management refused to comment.

The situation has angered the Boyle family, who have always been close.


Gerry added: “The people we are angry with are her management.

“These people were very quick to work with Susan but they have not done enough to protect her.

“You wouldn’t see Shirley Bassey living in a house that anyone could walk up to.

“Celebrities have gates, ten foot high metal fences and that’s what Susan has to realise. She can’t stay there any more.

“The family are looking after her. It’s a very unsettling feeling to have someone just walk into your house like that. It’s shaken her up.”

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