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1Pervert terrorises plush celebrity neighbourhood

Pervert terrorises plush celebrity neighbourhood

By Rory Reynolds

POLICE are hunting for a serial flasher who is terrorising women in a plush neighbourhood jam-packed with celebrities.

A spate of obscenities have occurred around Edinburgh’s wealthy Grange area, home to Scots celebrities and the city’s banking elite.

The latest incident occurred just yards from shamed former RBS chief Sir Fred Goodwin’s multi-million pound home in Edinburgh.

Lothian and Borders Police said that a young man exposed himself to passengers on passing buses FOUR times.

Members of the public reported the pervert, aged between 18 and 24, flashing young women walking to work in the leafy Grange and Sciennes areas of the city.

One exposure happened just one block away from the lavish mansion home of disgraced former Scotland boss George Burley, and not far from the villa of TV presenter and property developer John Leslie.

Young women

In the latest attack, early on Friday morning he exposed himself to a young woman in the early morning.

Another indecent exposure took place a week before that on January 19.

The sightings began on October 23, with another incident on December 18.

The suspect is described as being 5ft 7-8ins tall, and of medium build.

Eyewitnesses have told police that the man usually wears a dark hooded top, with the hood pulled over his face, along with dark-coloured trousers and shoes.

One flash happened on Hatton Place in Sciennes, while another took place on the busy Grange Road.

A further two took place on Kilgraston Road, just yards from Goodwin’s home on Oswald Road.

Sex offences

Detective Constable Mark Petrie from Lothian and Borders’ Amethyst unit, which investigates sex offences, said: “The incident on Friday would fit with the pattern of behaviour in previous reports.

“These incidents have occurred quite early, 6.30am to 7am, when it has been quite quiet, with just dog walkers and people going to work being in the area.

“This behaviour has been directed at young professional people on their way to work and it has caused upset to those involved.

“This might have been the kind of thing that some people may shrug off or put down to a prank.

“But these are crimes, this is unacceptable behaviour and it is criminal behaviour.

“And we’re appealing for people to come forward if they have any information or may have seen anything in relation to these incidents.”

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