Saturday, July 2, 2022
1Occupational therapist given slap on wrist for sexual relationship

Occupational therapist given slap on wrist for sexual relationship

By Cara Sulieman

AN OCCUPATIONAL therapist who had a sexual relationship with a “vulnerable” ex-patient has received a slap on the wrist from the Health Professions Council.

The panel – led by John Williams – decided yesterday (Weds) to issue a caution order to Lynn Cameron for five years after she admitted the relationship to her supervisor.

Cameron was working at the South West Bridging Service in Glasgow when she started seeing the 25-year-old Patient A, who she had previously treated when she worked at Rossdale Resource Centre.

The Conduct and Competence Committee of the HPC had heard how Cameron had been warned about “over-familiar and flirtacious” behaviour with patients prior to the admission in 2007.

“Professional suicide”

During evidence, Mairi Macpherson – the supervisor that Cameron confessed her relationship to – said that her initial thought had been that Cameron had committed “professional suicide”.

Cameron was seconded to the South West Bridging Service in April 2007 from her position at Rossdale Resource Centre.

She discharged all her patients – including Patient A – by mid-June 2007.

The panel said that they had reached their decision after considering that it was an isolated incident and that Cameron had “tried to stay within the boundaries of the code of ethics”.

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