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1Ronnie Corbett joins Burke and Hare filming

Ronnie Corbett joins Burke and Hare filming

Ronnie Corbett fends off the mobs

By Ann Sulieman

SCOTS actor Ronnie Corbett was making his point waving a sword on location at Stirling Castle yesterday after filming of Burke and Hare switched venues from Edinburgh.

The Two Ronnies star donned a uniform while getting into character in the wintry surroundings in his role as Captain McLintock.

Directed by John Landis – who made Michael Jackson’s Thriller video – Edinburgh born Corbett plays a key part in the film about bodysnatchers William Burke and William Hare.

Corbett, who stars alongside Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, was getting into the swing of things as he held a large crowd of extras at bay in the courtyard of the historic building.

League of Gentlemen

Stunned tourists looked on as the pint-sized actor shouted at his guards to stand their ground, before turning and fleeing from the mob himself.

John Landis looked on as the 79-year-old comedian strode over the cobbles dressed in blue, red and gold military uniform and clutching a long sword.

One of the cowardly guards is played by League of Gentlemen star Reece Shearsmith, who left the set chatting to Corbett.

Earlier in the day, a highland cow had joined the actors filming a market scene and the main stars were expected to return late last night (Weds) to film in the dark.

The real-life Burke and Hare killed at least 17 people between 1827 and 1828, selling the bodies to Dr Robert Knox for anatomy classes at Barclay’s anatomy school in Surgeon’s Square.

Corbett gets into the swing of things

But their crime spree ended when one of their lodgers found the body of their last victim, Marjory Campbell Docherty, under her bed and told police.

Hare was given immunity for testifying against Burke, who was found guilty and hanged in January 1829.

His partner in crime, Hare, was released from prison the same year and left Edinburgh.

The film’s main characters are played by Simon Pegg, 40, and Andy Serkis, 45, in the upcoming black comedy.

It also stars Isla Fisher as Burke’s love interest Ginny and Spaced’s Jessica Hynes as Hare’s wife.

Talking about filming that took place at the castle on Tuesday night, Pegg wrote on his Twitter: “Stirling was cold, really effing cold. But the castle is amazing and the views typically stunning.

“O flower of Scotland, when will we see…”

The film also stars Oscar winner Tom Wilkinson as Dr Knox and Tim Curry as Dr Monroe.

Burke & Hare is due for release later this year.

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