Monday, August 8, 2022
1New ceilidh venue urges dancers go naked

New ceilidh venue urges dancers go naked

By Rory Reynolds

A NEW ceilidh venue is urging revellers to strip the willow – with the emphasis on strip.

The Ghillie Dhu holding a naked bash to be captured by top photographer Alistair Devine.

The Edinburgh dance hall is the latest venue to be bare all for the Scots celebrity snapper – who famously pictured Old Firm fans in the buff.

The event is believed to be the world’s first naked ceilidh, and the third mass nude photo-shoot for Devine.

He said: “This is an amazing project to be part of and is a fantastic image to create and photograph.

“We are appealing for members of the Scottish public to come forward, get involved in the shoot and be part of something truly unique.

Bare all

“We are looking for participants of every shape and size – the only requirement is that all individuals are over age 18 and aren’t shy as they will be required to strip off and bare all.

“The shoot will kick off at 10am on Sunday 28 March and is certain to be a truly unforgettable morning for all involved.”

The exact details of the photoshoot are to be kept secret, but those involved have been told their modesty will be protected by cheekily placed objects in the frame.

Devine has previously photographed a host of celebrities over the last three decades, including rock star Sting and Hollywood starlets Sophia Loren and Lauren Bacall and Sir Elton John.

In 2008 Devine pictured Rangers and Celtic fans side by side wearing only their scarves, while two years previously he staged a scene showing naked pub-goers for the launch of Glasgow’s Bobar.

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