Alexander McQueen’s ashes to be scattered in Skye


By Rory Reynolds

THE ashes of Alexander McQueen are to be scattered on his beloved ancestral home of Skye.

The remains of the fashion designer, who famously wore full highland dress to receive his CBE, told his family he wished his final resting place to be the Hebridean island.

The 40-year-old was honoured by famous figures in the fashion world, including Kate Moss and Stella McCartney, at his funeral after he committed suicide last month at his London home.

His father Ronald, who was born on Skye, is to travel to the island with McQueen’s five siblings in the next few weeks to carry out his son’s wishes.

While being born in London, McQueen took great pride in his Scottish roots and controversially featured models wearing torn tartan as part of his 1995 collection, Highland Rape.


He said that he had been inspired by his anger at the atrocities carried out by the troops of the Duke of Cumberland.

When asked in 2004 what his Scottish roots meant to him, Alexander replied, “everything”.

His brother Michael, who will travel to Skye to scatter his ashes said Alexander had “felt a real connection to the place”.

He said: “He made it clear his wish was for his ashes to be scattered on Skye, where our family comes from originally, and we are going to honour that.”

“He had been there quite a few times over the years and felt a real connection to the place.

“Alexander was back and forward all over the world, but he felt at home when he was in Scotland.


“He was so proud he could trace our family back to Skye and he wanted to return to the family home.

“Alexander’s Scottish roots were very, very close to his heart. When he received his CBE he insisted on wearing his kilt and full Highland dress.”

McQueen, who won British designer of the year on four occasions, took his own life the day before his mother’s funeral, with those close to him saying that he had been devastated by her death.

He had also struggled with depression since his close friend and fashion icon Isabella Blow committed suicide in 2007.

Michael added that he did not know was had made his brother take his own life.


He said: “I really don’t know why he would do such a thing,”

“It goes to show that money doesn’t buy you everything. He was probably very lonely in his own way. That may be it.

“We are dealing with it the best we can, but it is difficult and we have our ups and downs because we just lost our mother as well.”

McQueen, the son of a London cabbie, rose to fame after becoming head designer at Givenchy in his mid-20s, previously working as a tailor in Saville Row.

Next month McQueen is to be paid tribute to at Dressed to Kilt, the showcase of Scottish fashion organised by Sir Sean Connery, with a special catwalk show.

His brother Michael added that he would have been honoured by the gesture.