Scots Dentists uses pain free jag in pioneering technique


By Paul Thornton

A COSMETIC dentist is the first in Scotland to use a new pain free jag for needle-fearing patients.

Dr Biju Krishnan, who runs Lubiju in Edinburgh, hopes to set-up his firm as a centre of excellence for the QuickSleeper system, which instantly numbs teeth with a single injection.

He claims the system means patients feel only a small vibration because it injects straight into the tooth, rather than the gum.

Dr Krishnan said: “As the needle enters the gum the patient may feel a very slight vibration, but nothing more. The major difference is that this system injects anaesthetic into soft bone, rather than the gum.

“Bone hardly has any nerve endings so patients feel nothing. Not only is it completely painless, but it only numbs the teeth being worked on, not the cheeks or lips.

“As well as benefitting the patient, for the dentist it is fantastic that up to eight teeth can be numbed at once, where previously a single injection per tooth was required.

“One of the biggest obstacles we face is working with patients who have a deep-rooted fear of injections. Being able to offer a genuinely pain anaesthetic is groundbreaking.”

Paul McPherson, who supplies Quicksleeper in Scotland for General Medical said that children and those with fears of the dentist benefit most from the technology.

He said: “For many people who go to the dentist, what they most fear is the injection. Our new approach to anaesthetics makes the injection painless, so we believe it will help both patients and dentists

“QuickSleeper is great for kids and it’s very quick, which means the dentist can save a lot of time and potentially treat more patients.

Dr Krishnan and fellow Dundee University graduate Dr Lubino do Rego, set up Lubiju in March 2009.