Scribbler Cards looking for iconic images of Scotland


By Rory Reynolds

BUDDING photographers are being urged to dig out pictures of Scotland as part of a competition to find the nation’s most iconic images.

Organisers are looking to find the cheekiest or wittiest images that sum up Scotland, with the winner having their picture stamped on thousands of greetings cards.

Card retailer Scribbler has launched the competition to find a rival to the iconic image of an out-of-line beefeater lying on his back at a Buckingham Palace parade – one of their best selling cards.

Scribbler is urging contestants to look to the controversial Edinburgh trams for inspiration, or to play on the traditional rivalry between the capital and Glasgow, or the Old Firm teams.

John Procter, founder of Scribbler, said: “One of our best-selling cards in England features the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, where the poor guardsman has fallen flat on his back.

“It is a powerful image because it is immediately recognisable, but extremely funny at the same time.

“It is clear that there is more to Scots the tartan-clad haggis-munching stereotype – though many do seem to enjoy their national dish deep fried on a Saturday night.

“In particular, we’d like to tap into the famous Scottish sense of humour. In the case of Edinburgh, this may be the perfect opportunity to have a dig at the city’s notorious Trams problems and for Glasgow to have fun with its unhealthy eating and drinking reputation.

“But likewise, there may be another iconic image from outside the two cities that typifies all that’s good about Scotland.”

“The winning entry will be turned into a card and given pride of place in Scribbler’s Scottish stores.

“The only rule with this competition is that anything goes. We can’t exactly ban swearing because some of our most popular cards use rather colourful language anyway.”

Fiona Lynch, manager for Scribbler Glasgow, added: “We want people in Glasgow to think about what makes them giggle and make it into a card.

“The traditional fierce rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow and indeed between the Old Firm are always safe bets – and of course there are plenty of sights and characters to behold in Glasgow that offer good material.”

The competition will be open until Monday May 31, and entries can be posted or handed into the two Scribbler’s Scottish stores at 176 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, and 80a Princes Street, Edinburgh – or posted on Scribbler Facebook; or using Twitter hash tag: #ScribbComp.