England star Rooney axed from Sky’s Scottish ads


By Michael MacLeod

SKY bosses have admitted they have relegated Wayne Rooney to the sidelines of an advertising drive in a bid to please Scotland fans.

England’s star striker is hidden at the edge of Sky TV’s posters promoting their World Cup coverage north of the Border.

But the posters sport a different line-up in England, with Rooney front and centre of a montage of the tournament’s major players.

Tartan Army fans slammed Sky for “not getting it” that Rooney’s skill is unlikely to make Scots switch off.

They claimed they love good football no matter who is playing and insisted England’s commentators, not players, were the biggest frustration when watching the World Cup.

Hamish Husband of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs said: “I don’t think Sky get it.

“It’s not the players that bother us.

“It’s the English media and commentators.

“Few Tartan Army members will want England to win the World Cup but no one wishes them any ill.

“Wayne Rooney is well respected and admired by Scotland fans.

“In fact, most Scots would not mind if England got as far as the semi-finals, so long as they do not go any further.”

Sky admitted they were worried Rooney’s image might not appeal to Scots shoppers so changed the line-ups on their advertising posters.

Instead, the ad in Scotland stars Brazil’s man of the moment Kaka, flanked by Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo and the Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba.

A spokesman said: “It was felt a prominent photograph of Wayne Rooney in a red England shirt might put some people in Scotland off.

“The decision was taken to have Kaka at the front.”