Injured Falcon Wings Way To A&E for Treatment


By Oliver Farrimond

A PLUCKY Peregrine falcon showed impressive street-smarts after it was attacked by a gang of crows – by heading straight to A&E for treatment.

Delta the falcon winged his way to one of Scotland’s busiest emergency departments after being mobbed by crows while carrying out his role as a bird-scarer.

The bird was found concussed in a footwell outside Glasgow Royal Infirmary and given treatment before the SSPCA were called.

John Campbell, 46, was having his leg plastered at the hospital when he witnessed the drama unfold.

The pet-groomer said: “It was flying along being chased by all these crows.

“The next thing we knew, it flew slap-bang into the window before tumbling to the ground.

“We all looked down the footwell and there it was, sitting blinking and flopping to the side.

“It looked as if it was on the way out, then it started blinking its eyes so we took it upstairs to be looked after.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes – I’ve never seen anything like that.”

There are thought to be around 1,400 breeding pairs of peregrine falcons in Scotland, and the bird is believed to be one of the fastest in the world, capable of dives of up to 200mph.

They are frequently used as bird-scarers as pigeons regard them as dangerous threat.

However in this case, the tables were turned as a gang of crows attacked poor Delta in an act known as a “murder”.

Luckily Delta was returned to its owner after being nursed overnight by the SSPCA.

Owner Steven Neville said: “We were at Port Dundas removing pigeons from a penthouse.

“We have a tracker on him but the nearby power station was blocking the signal and that’s where it all went wrong.

“He started to chase something and they ended up chasing him.

“I’m delighted to have him back, and he’s none the worse for wear.”