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1Fury over barbecue fun-day for dangerous prisoners

Fury over barbecue fun-day for dangerous prisoners

By Zoë Keown

SOME of Scotland’s foulest sex offenders and murders will be feasting on burgers and ice-cream at a special summer barbecue later this month.

The lavish menu for the convicts is to include Texas burgers, vegetarian burgers, chicken burgers, chips, salad, corn on the cob, cans of juice and choc ices.

HMP Peterhead – which houses ‘Limbs in the Loch’ killer William Beggs and serial sex offender Robert Foye – is to put on the slap-up day for lags on July 23.

The day will also include sports, games and performances by the prison band.

And it will coincide with other popular events such as football matches and rowing contents.

Labour’s justice spokesman Richard Baker blasted the day at the Aberdeenshire jail.

He said: “If prisoners are getting treats they should be deserved and earned.

“People will always raise eyebrows, but the focus must always be spent on rehabilitation.

“Prison is a place for rehabilitation and punishment, not a chance for a summer barbecue.

“These individuals should be working on ensuring they never reoffend, not eating burgers in the sunshine.”

The Scottish Prisons Service (SPS) has confirmed that the event has been organised to be part of a healthy eating initiative.

Inspired by a New Zealand Scheme, the Good Lives project, that teaches paedophiles and rapists social skills and places them with psychologists to look at the causes of their behaviour.

An SPS spokesman said: “A range of activities have been arranged to promote good health among prisoners within HMP Peterhead.”

The SPS have previously been slammed over the cushy life-style enjoyed by prisoners.

Last year, £75k was splurged on entertainment for prisoners across the country’s 12 detention centres, and £60,000 of tax payers’ money was spent on luxuries like computer games, televisions and music equipment.

HMP Greenock spent £2,648 on a karaoke system and projector whilst Scotland’s female Cornton Vale prison, used up over £1,000 on singing equipment.

Four jails brought in live events and six paid extra for premium television channels last year.

Edinburgh’s Saughton prison splashed out £100 on a drama group event and poetry recital and HMP Glenochil spent £431 on a comedy show.

HMP Greenock brought in a comedian and band for £490 and HMP Shotts treated 314 inmates to three comedy nights and two lives bands at a cost of £1,647.

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