Bogus callers targeting vulnerable residents in Fife


By Christine Lavelle

POLICE in Fife are warning residents to be alert to bogus callers in the area, following a string of suspicious house calls in recent weeks.

PC Paul Buttercase, community safety officer for North East Fife, said elderly householders are the most vulnerable targets for the criminals who have been encouraging unnecessary gardening work.

The ‘workmen’ have been turning up at doors and charging excessive amounts of cash for materials requested ahead of the work, but then it is never carried out.

PC Buttercase said: “Bogus caller crime occurs all year round but can be more prevelant during the spring, summer and autumn months.

“The persons involved in this type of crime are callous criminals who often target elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

“This type of incident does not just involve gardening work but can include persons claiming to be collecting window-cleaning money, distraction type thefts involving persons pretending to be working for utility companies and persons offering to do or suggesting building work.”

PC Buttercase advised residents to use spy holes and chains on doors, and to check people’s identities before opening the door properly.

For more advice contact Fife Constabulary on 0845 600 5702