Bug Infested Edinburgh Flat Was Among Worst Ever Seen


By Cara Sulieman

A FLAT was so badly infested with bugs that horrified pest controllers were forced to dump TWO TONNES of rubbish from the property.

The home – branded “one of the worst cases” ever seen by pest control – was fumigated after residents in flats on either side complained about the beasties getting into their homes.

They found bed bugs and eggs in every room of the housing association property – where it is believed a man lives with his son.

City of Edinburgh Council said they were forced to act after the infestation got so bad they had begun invading neighbouring homes.

They served a Statutory Notice on the rented accommodation and gave who notice to the man living there to remove any valuables before pest control teams moved in.

But even they were left staggered by the extent of what they had to throw out before fumigating work could begin.

Cleaners tried to treat furniture and other items so they could be returned to the owner and his son.

Much was too badly infested to keep, leading to a potential dispute when the key holder.

But council chiefs said their actions were “necessary” to protect residents of neighbouring flats.

A spokesperson for the City of Edinburgh Council said: “This property was brought to our attention following complaints from neighbouring properties.

“Upon inspection an extreme bed-bug infestation was discovered.


“This was one of the worst cases ever seen by the Pest Control Team and appropriate action needed to be taken swiftly as the infestation had already spread to other properties.

“This case was so bad that the Public Health team were brought in and we used our statutory powers under the City of Edinburgh District Council Order Confirmation Act 1991.

“The residents of the property were told about the fumigation process and were asked to remove anything of value from the property.

“They were told that everything would need to be removed from the flat, including furniture, and that items which could not be treated would be disposed of.”

“Last Thursday, officers from Pest Control and from Public Health entered the property and removed two tonnes of accumulated rubbish, before fumigating the property.

“Bed-bugs and their eggs were found throughout the property.

“Extreme action, such as taken here, is rare but was an absolute necessity to protect the health of the residents and the residents of neighbouring flats.”

Data Protection Laws prevents council chiefs from stating exactly where in Edinburgh the flat was located.