Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Under-the-bed stalker is jailed for harassing ex-girlfriend

By Christine Lavelle

A MAN who stalked his ex-girlfriend by hiding under her bed has been jailed for 40 months.

Two days after being dumped Christopher Fowler was found under ex-partner Catherine Southcott’s bed having forcing his way into her home.

The 27 year-old was released on bail but continued to bombard her with 108 phone calls, text messages and even letters from behind prison bars.

A sheriff today imposed an ASBO on Fowler, who claimed he was “ashamed of his actions.”

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how he often struggled to let go of relationships, after repeatedly turning up at Miss Southcott’s Edinburgh home between 10 May and 18 June this year.

He pleaded guilty to three charges, including forcing entry into Ms Southcott’s home and hiding under her bed.

Misguided belief

The couple had broken up their four month relationship just two days before.

When police went to HMP Edinburgh prison to get Fowler’s phone records they found he had tried to make a total of 108 calls to Ms Southcott’s old mobile phone number.

Fowler’s defence agent Victoria Good said he had believed the two were still involved in a relationship at the time of the offences.

Sheriff John Horsburgh QC was also presented with a letter of apology Fowler had written to his victim, but later banned the accused from making any more contact with her.

Ms Good said: “My client now understands the implications of his actions and plans to seek help from an organisation for his obsessive behaviour.

“He admits having difficulty letting go of past relationships, including this one.

“He has also struggled with some mental health issues, including learning disabilities and a chromosome disorder when he was younger.

“His only motivation was to keep the relationship with Ms Southcott going, and did not realise she felt differently.”

Sheriff Horsburgh said Fowler had to be jailed for breaching bail conditions and showing signs of continued harassment.

The Anti Social Behaviour Order is an indefinite ban from making any contact with Ms Southcott and her mother Judith.

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