Bay City Rollers guitarist to re-release albums in Japan


By Christine Lavelle

FORMER Bay City Roller Patrick McGlynn is to re-launch his music career – in Japan.

The guitarist is re-releasing five albums he made during the 1970s, and also has plans to write and record a new album.

Working closely with producer Iain McKinna of Offbeat studios in Edinburgh, Mr McGlynn said getting back on the road is the most important thing to him now.

He said: “I’ve been tied up with court cases revolving around royalty payments owed to me and the band since the seventies, and now I just want to forget all about it and get back out on tour.

“It’s a bit like going fishing, just getting away from it all and doing what you love.

“I’ve already been out to Japan three times, and have played at small conventions with people eating their dinner – it’s starting off small but it is still pretty good fun.

“I have a lot of fans out there who want to see me back out on tour, and music is my life so I’m really looking forward to doing it properly.”

Mr McGlynn’s new music will be an eclectic mix of genres – everything from pop and rap to dance and techno.

He said: “It will mainly be pop music but there is going to be a bit of everything in there – anything to make a few million quid.

“I’m lucky to have Iain helping me so much because I don’t know much about the music business anymore so it’s important to have someone you can trust to guide you through it, he’s been a massive help.”

Mr McKinna owns the studio on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, which was established as a music production company and independent label in 1992.

Mr McGlynn, 58, has signed to Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG) on a four year deal, and says there is a lot of interest coming from Germany and Canada to have his back catalogue of albums released there.

The Bay City Rollers were a Scottish pop band and described in the seventies as the biggest band since The Beatles.

Mr McGlynn, who now lives in Edinburgh with his wife and daughter, joined the teen-pop sensations in 1976 as rhythm guitarist, replacing band member Ian Mitchell.