Friday, May 20, 2022
1One millionth customer to be treated to dinner and champagne

One millionth customer to be treated to dinner and champagne

By Christine Lavelle

AN Italian restaurant in Edinburgh is gearing up to celebrate its one millionth customer – they just have to wait for them to walk through the door.

Staff at La Piazza, in the west end of the city are keeping a tally of how many customers enter the restaurant and plan to make a fuss when the one who makes the special landmark walks in.

The family-run eatery has been trading in the capital for 13 years, and owner Tony Pia said everyone is watching the countdown closely as they get closer to the target.

He said: “We’ve already started a countdown and every single member of staff is keeping track.

“When that millionth customer walks through the door, we want to make sure there is a proper celebration with champagne and a bit of fuss.”

And – the lucky diner is to be presented with seven pizzas, representing the figures in one million, as well as receiving a voucher for a special celebratory meal for four.

Mr Pia said: “Our customers have made La Piazza the restaurant it is today.

“The team here tries to make every customer feel special, but we’ll be going even further this time.”

Customers can keep up to date with how the countdown is going on the restaurant’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mr Pia said: “There will be daily updates on how close we are to finding that unique customer so I would say keep your eyes peeled.”

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