200ft hill fall sparks rescue operation


By Oliver Farrimond

EMERGENCY Services battled for four hours on Saturday to rescue a man who fell 200ft down a steep embankment.

A rescue force, which included two helicopters, eventually rescued the 43-year-old man, who slipped down a hill at Laggan Park at Crief.

He was airlifted to Ninewells Hospital for treatment on a number of injuries, which although not life-threatening, were described as “traumatic”.

A spokesman for the Scottish ambulance service said: “A male fell 200ft down a steep embankment and in the process sustained a number of traumatic injuries.

“It was a difficult operation to retrieve him even with two helicopters because of the awkward terrain.

“The helicopters had trouble winching him out because of the thick foliage.”

Police, Fire, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue services teamed up to rescue the man, who was taken to Ninewells hospital for treatment on injuries to his arm and chest.

His condition is not thought to be life-threatening.