Thursday, May 26, 2022
1Festival of meditation and prayer to take place in the city

Festival of meditation and prayer to take place in the city

By Amanda MacMillan

A FESTIVAL of meditation and prayer has been organised by an Edinburgh church to encourage people of all faiths to explore their spiritual lives.

A programme of music, lectures, workshops and worship will run from 3-26 September at Mayfield Salisbury Church.

The festival draws on visiting musicians, preachers and speakers from a variety of faiths including Episcopalian, Reformed, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

It will focus on themes such as children’s spirituality, opera and faith, icons and visual theology.Throughout the month there will be opportunities to sit in the sanctuary of the church in silence and in contemplative prayer.

Reverend Scott McKenna, event organiser, said: “The culture of our times is full of uncertainties. We lead lives that are too busy.

“Many of us feel the need to acquire an understanding of how we can address the changes all around us. Many of us acknowledge that something is missing in our lives.

“This festival creates space for people of all faiths, and those still searching, to reflect on how to reconnect with their spiritual side and we look forward to welcoming all those with an interest in taking time out from their everyday lives”.

The festival will open with a musical event, “Meditation through Music”, involving distinguished musicians Chloe Young (clarsach), John Wilmmett (organ), Hector Scott (violin) and the voices of Jubilo with Walter Thomson.

Other highlights of the Festival are “Godly Play” with Eilie Blackwood, the launch of a publication on the significance of Mayfield’s stained glass windows and a workshop looking at the sometimes surprising links between opera and Christianity.

Events are free with the exception of a pilgrimage to Dunkeld Cathedral.

Full details of all the events in the Festival of Meditation and Prayer are available from the church office on 0131 667 1522 or on the church website

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