Thousands sent pornographic 'junk mail' through letterboxes


By Christine Lavelle

JUNK mail was given a new meaning for thousands of Scots – who received a 48-page porn brochure through their letterboxes.

Royal Mail is launching an investigation after shocked recipients alerted them to the adult movie error last week.

Among the 350 titles available to buy from the brochure were The Horny Handyman, Wobbling Whoppers and Mucky Malcolm’s Misadventures.

Bill Parker, 74, a retired police officer from Edinburgh, was one of the shocked residents to receive a brochure in the post.

He said: “I am as broadminded as the next man but I am amazed this type of material can be legally sent through the post.

“I’m sure there will be many people disturbed and offended to get this sent to their homes.”

“Some of the material is extreme.

“It is as bad as anything I saw during 30 years in the police and gives a new meaning to the term ‘junk mail’.”

The same envelope also contained other leaflets, including promotions for vintage toy cars, gardening equipment and antique watches.

Sound & Vision, the company behind the adult movie catalogue, normally sell their content through a call centre – and – as no one there could be contacted, it is still to be determined as to how these leaflets managed to be distributed.

In the same mailshot envelope, Mr Parker received a letter from The Loyalty Awards Club (TLAC) offering prizes of up to £25,000 and a new car.

But – to claim the prizes recipients must call up a premium rate telephone number which can cost up to £9.

TLAC are owned by promotions firm Database Management PLC in Herefordshire, who have been accused of misleading customers by leaving out essential details – like the cost of the call – and putting it in the small print.

Dawn Williams, customer services manager, said: “We’re making inquiries with our insert booking contractor as t how our promotion could have been including with this mailing.

“The pornographic catalogue is not connected with our group in any way.”

Royal Mail launched their investigation into the promotion over the weekend, and said the PO Box number given on the envelope containing the porn content had expired last month.

A spokeswoman said: “It is an offence to send items which are indecent, obscene or offensive.

“If customers are concerned, they should contact our customer services.”