Thursday, August 18, 2022
1Boats sunk by high tides and strong winds at St Monans

Boats sunk by high tides and strong winds at St Monans

By Martin Graham

A BOAT sank in St Monans’ harbour last night as high tides and strong winds lashed the Fife coast.

Two tenders from Fife Fire and Rescue were summoned by the harbour master at 4am this morning because three vessels were taking on water.

Sixteen fire service personnel battled to pump water out of the vessels, but one of the boats sank.

St Monans harbour master Norman Hall said: “We had a very violent storm overnight, the wind had changed direction and the water was being driven over the sea wall and along the pier.

“The spray was going 40 to 50 feet into the air, it was too dangerous at that point to go down to the harbour.

“There was a similar storm the night before but the wind was moving in a different direction so there was no damage.

“It just went crazy last night, the harbour is full of seaweed.

“One of the boats affected sank, I haven’t seen the owner yet to tell them.

“The boat will be re-floated when the time is right.”

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