Edinburgh braced for biggest ever pub crawl as 1000 students hit the streets


By Martin Graham

SCOTLAND’S capital city will be  invaded by a marauding horde tonight as over 1,000 students embark on an epic pub crawl.

The group from Napier University will meet at the Cargo pub near Fountainbridge at 6.30pm for the sci-fi themed night.

Groups of 80 at a time will venture out on to the streets of Edinburgh to take in the sights and quench their thirst along the way.

Students have paid £12 per head to take part in the event, organised by Napier Students Association.

Organiser Dave Waddell said: “We have two stewards accompanying each group and the stewards are fully trained and briefed.

“There is a paramedic on standby with a vehicle to deal with any casualties.

“We have advised the students to drink plenty of water and drink sensibly.”

Local conservative councillor Joanna Mowatt said: “The thought of 1000 students on a pub crawl makes my blood run cold.

“I have a motion before the council to evaluate the cost of the night-time economy against the benefits, I suspect that the balance has tipped too far.

“You see it all over the UK where people think it is acceptable to go out and get bladdered, it’s not just students.

“Some of the behaviour causes problems for residents.

“I know that residents in the Grassmarket think that the problem is getting worse, there are people who have lived there for a long time and they say that things have deteriorated.

“Many of the businesses on the Grassmarket are trying to attract families to their premises but these pub crawls make it difficult.”

The organisers of the Napier pub crawl even took the unprecedented step of informing the police of their plans.  

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said: “Lothian and Borders Police have been made aware of an organised pub crawl for Napier University students on Tuesday 7th September.

“We are committed to preventing alcohol related disorder across the Force area and will monitor the event accordingly.

“All venues participating in the pub crawl are reminded to adhere to the terms of their licence.

“Failure to do so will result in a review of their licence being conducted.”