Hibs Lose Yogi – View from the fans


THE FANS VIEW –  By Amanda MacMillan

Many Hibs fans today said they were shocked at the departure of former club captain John Hughes so soon into his managerial career with the club.

David Melvin, 55, a cleaner from Edinburgh, said: “I’m devastated. He’s not been given a chance. Everybody has got to take their part in this. I haven’t even thought about who I’d like to see replace him.”

Joiner Davey Cadger, 57, also from Edinburgh, agreed that it was not all his fault. He said: “What a shame. I don’t know why they’re blaming him. They should have given him more cash to get more players.

“It wasn’t his fault. The players should have played together.

“The club has more money than Rangers and Celtic and they could have done more that way. They should’ve given him a bit longer.

“I don’t think it will ruin his reputation. They have no-one really to pick from for manager.

“All the best ones have gone.”

Wayne Brown, 28, a brick-layer from Edinburgh, said: “It’s shocking. The team is awful so it’s not going to make any difference. The team is shocking, its not his fault. The players are to blame.

“They get paid a fortune and the should be playing better. I play football on a Saturday and even I try harder than they do.

“Get Tony Mowbray back. Celtic were a bigger team and there was more pressure. If they are going to sack anyone they should sack the players.”

Adam Pender, 25, a bartender from Edinburgh, said: “I know it was a bad result at the weekend but they have had some decent results. They played well against Celtic.

“The weekend was probably the final nail in the coffin. We need to get someone who knows the club. It needs a young manager. I don’t know if tony m would come back but I wouldn’t complain if he did.”

But Karlos Hodge, 22, a bar manager from Edinburgh, thinks that it was time for him to go.

He said: “I think it’s a good decision because he wasn’t delivering results. When it comes down to it it’s his head that’s on the chopping block. There is only so much blame that the players can take.

“Everyone always goes on about how is was born in Leith and how he is Hibs born and bred.

“But when you see a club who was in Europe to one that is not winning a home game then you know something is wrong.”