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1Scotland's Storm Lee shows Braveheart in bid to win X Factor

Scotland's Storm Lee shows Braveheart in bid to win X Factor

By Christine Lavelle

SCOTS X FACTOR hopeful Storm Lee Gardner is gearing up for tomorrow night’s live show final by watching re-runs of hit film Braveheart.

He also wants to wear a kilt to perform on stage but has so far been thwarted by show bosses.

Older brother Gary Gardener, 40, who will be in the audience, said it was his way of trying to psyche himself up and counter the loneliness of being the only Scot left on the show.

Gary, from Sighthill in Edinburgh, said he thinks his younger brother Storm has been performing “incredibly well” on the show and all he needs to do now is to keep his focus.

He also travelled to London last weekend for the live shows with stepdaughter Shian, 25, and two children Amy, 14, Danny, 12, but only got a few minutes to speak to 37-year-old Storm.

He said: “I think he might be struggling a bit and is finding it hard to keep his focus because he is a bit lonely as he is the only Scot left in the competition, but I think seeing all of us there cheering him on really helped.

“He has been watching Braveheart repeatedly for the past couple of weeks, and really wanted to wear a kilt on stage but the show producers wouldn’t let him.”

Gary added that Storm had heard Gamu Nhengu – another contestant from Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire who was put out in the Judge’s Houses round – who offered her support urging him to “bring the title back to Scotland”.

He said: “Apparently Gamu has been in touch and said he has an amazing voice, and that she wants him to win it for Scotland.”

Gary said he and his daughter Amy are set to go back to London this weekend to support his brother again, and that the family is planning to have someone there every week.

He said: “It is so nerve wracking when the results are being announced – I don’t know how the contestants can do it every week.

“I’m just going to keep enjoying his performances no matter what happens, but Storm is determined to go as far as he can.

“I have no idea what song he plans to sing next, I don’t even know how much input they get when choosing their songs.

“I loved last week’s performance, it was really amazing, we had never seen him perform live before so it was a real treat and we were all very impressed.

“When he first came out and I saw his crazy hair and make-up I was like ‘what are you doing?’

“But when the dancers burst onto the stage and it all kicked off I thought it looked incredible.

“I can see some of his influences in there like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, he is doing so well and I am immensely proud of him.

“The styling is very much him – it really reflects his personality.

“I hope the Scottish fans get right behind him.

“On Monday after the live shows I took the kids to Lego Land and we all had our ‘Storm’ t-shirts on.

“The way the school holidays work meant that there were lots of Scots down there at the same time.

“Loads of people were coming up to us to tell us how much they’ve been enjoying watching him.

“I just hope they remember to vote.”

Released in 1995 Braveheart was directed by and starring actor Mel Gibson, told the story of Scots freedom fighter William Wallace.


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