Dads' send video message letter to quiz killer Peter Tobin

Michael Hamilton hopes Tobin will reply to his letter

MONSTER Peter Tobin has been told to confess his crimes in a video message sent by the dads of two girls he killed.

Michael Hamilton and Ian McNicol hope cons will play the message to evil Tobin even if he tries to avoid watching it.

The dads of Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol brand Tobin as a paedophile and ask: “Why kill such lovely girls that did you no wrong?”

And they taunt the killer that when he dies he will be damned to eternity trapped “in the little cell you detest”.

Michael, 60, and Ian, 71, sent the hard-hitting video to Saughton prison, Edinburgh, because cowardly Tobin ignored their letters.

Cops approved the tactic because they hope the video taunts will infuriate Tobin and make him talk.

Tobin is serving life for murdering Vicky, 15, who disappeared as she waited for a bus in Bathgate, West Lothian, in 1991.

He is also serving life for the murder the same year of Dinah, 18, and Polish student Angelika Kluk, 23, in Glasgow in 2006.

The bodies of Vicky and Dinah were found in a garden in Margate, Kent.

Tobin, who has refused to admit his guilt, recently dropped his appeal against sentence.

Following reports Tobin had a heart attack, Michael, from Redding near Falkirk, and Ian, from Essex, fear time is running out to get the truth.

In their joint letter, read to camera by Michael, Tobin is told: “You are not even man enough to admit what you done to these three girls – the amount of suffering they went through.

“So come on Peter, stand up and be a man and admit to the police what you have done.”

They add: “You’re not man enough to answer? You can kill our daughters, yet you can’t tell us why, you can’t apologize for what you did to our daughters.”

Michael and Ian then taunt Tobin with possible reasons why he turned into a monster.

They ask: “Did your mother give you a bad life as a boy? Or your father? Did they love your brother and sisters more than you? Did a woman do you wrong? Did she?”

The fathers brand Tobin a pervert and a paedophile, saying Vicky was only 15.

They taunt him with the message: “You will never get a chance again to touch a girl’s flesh – or to put things right with God. You know you are going to die a sad, lonely paedophile.”

They ask Tobin why he wants them to “keep on suffering”, demanding to know what they have ever done to him.

“I’m asking you what possessed you to murder my daughter?” they ask. “Why kill such lovely girls that did you no wrong?”

And the dads vow to pray “that when you die your soul won’t leave this earth”.

They tell Tobin: “Your soul will walk within the four walls of your prison cell for all eternity. So you won’t just be in prison until you die, you will remain there forever, in the little cell you detest.”

The package received by Tobin at Saughton includes a printed letter and DVD of Michael reading it to the killer.

Also included is plain paper for Tobin to write back on and an envelope with a first class stamp and Michael’s home address.

Michael said he had spoken to detectives still working on the Tobin case to identify other victims.

He said: “They agreed sending the letter by video was a good idea. They also agreed it was a good idea to try and taunt him into talking.”

Michael and Ian hope the video will be much more difficult for Tobin to ignore than the letters they have previously sent.

Even if Tobin refuses to watch it, the film will also be put on YouTube. The dads hope other prisoners will play the clip when the killer can’t avoid it.

Sound-only versions will be sent to radio stations to increase the chance of getting through to Tobin.

Michael said: “We know he killed the girls but we want to know what happened and why.

“I think Tobin used his own kid to get Vicky in the car and drugged her. He must have drugged her because she was strong and would have kicked the living daylights out of him.”

He added: “I want him to agree to speak to me. If I was to get to speak to him it would have to be behind a screen – I would love to get to touch him.”

Vicky’s mum, Janette, died in 1993, aged 41, without ever finding out what happened to her daughter.

Michael said: “I am sad about that. She wanted to know what happened but it never came.

“Hopefully, they are together in heaven.”

REPORT: Peter Laing