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Man assaulted lone 16-year-old employee who was so scared he called his mum

A MAN assaulted a lone 16-year-old employee during a premeditated shop raid, leaving the teen so shaken that he called his mum.

Gordon Steen, 32, from Edinburgh, brandished a knife at Aquib Aslam at the Star Store in Kirkliston and threatened to kill him if he told the police.

Terrified Mr Aslam called his mum as soon as the robbery was over and went to shut up shop.

A female customer who was trying to get in to the shop saw how upset he was and comforted him until his mother arrived.

Today at Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Sheen pled guilty to assaulting Mr Aslam and stealing £200 from the shop during the incident on April, 4.

Depute fiscal Pauline Shade told the court that the robbery was premeditated.

She said: “A day or two before the offence occurred the accused approached an acquaintance of his and asked him if he wanted to make some money.

“The accused said there may be an opportunity to make around £200.”

It was around 12.30pm when Steen and another male burst into the shop and threatened Mr Aslam with the knife, described as a Stanley knife.

Ms Shade said: “The accused said to Mr Aslam that he did not want to hurt him but if he did not give him the money he would put the knife through him.

“He then told him to open the till which he did.”

Steen grabbed £200 from the till before telling the teen that he would kill him if the police were called or were looking for Steen before fleeing.

Ms Shade added: “Mr Aslam ran outside the shop and pulled the shutters down.

“A customer was trying to go into the shop at this time and Mr Aslam told them what had happened and they stayed with Mr Aslam.

“When his mother arrived she immediately checked the till and saw that £200 had been stolen from it so she called the police.”

Remanding him in custody until sentencing next month, Sheriff Gordon Liddle said: “This was a premeditated offence.

“He decided to go and perform a robbery.”

Steen’s defence agent Mark Hutchison reserved mitigation until sentencing.

REPORT: Anna Gault

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